Best iPhone Antivirus Apps

iPhones aren’t immune to viruses even though they do not suffer as much as PCs. They are susceptible to being infected by malware, phishing scams, and more. This list of the best iphone antivirus applications offers options for blocking, scanning and protecting your iOS device from online threats, such as scam websites, unsecure public Wi-Fi networks, data-stealing apps, web trackers and more.

Apple has designed its operating system (OS) that runs on iPhones and iPads to be among the most secure mainstream OSes available. This is in part due to its strict app vetting process, which requires developers to provide security details on their apps before they’re allowed to run on Apple devices. Additionally, its hardware design lets each app be run in a sandboxed setting which blocks it from accessing other apps or files on the device. This is partly because of the relatively low demand for mobile malware from cyber criminals, who would rather focus on Android smartphones (which have 71% of the market share) or desktop computers running Windows (10%).

The top iPhone antivirus applications can not only block and detect iPhone viruses, but also offer advanced Internet security options, including a firewall, VPN, and data loss protection. The top iOS virus scanners are light, meaning they won’t slow down your device or use up your data plan.

Norton’s iPhone anti-virus, for example provides real-time scanning of viruses and a dashboard that displays the security state of your iPhone. It also blocks phishing sites and shields you from invitations to calendars that contain malicious hyperlinks. It can also remotely lock or wipe a phone if stolen or lost. Avira is another option. It comes with malware detection tools, password management and an VPN and photo cleanup tools. Both offer generous money-back guarantees.

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