Choosing Document Distribution Software

Document distribution software provides businesses with a variety of tools to make it easier for team members to request, collect storage, manage and share files securely, whether in electronic or paper forms. It also automates many tasks and reduces the time spent sending or re-sending documents and saves valuable time for business.

Before you decide on a document-management solution, it’s crucial to understand your needs. Some of the most sought-after features are:

You can streamline your digitization projects by using scans of images and OCR devices, which read the text and convert it to searchable metadata. You can then look up and locate documents.

A simple interface makes it simple for users to manage and locate documents. It also includes the ability to tag and track files and an individual dashboard that can display important metrics such as document count and workflow statuses. It offers powerful integrations including information about application programming, or APIs, and point and click integrations with more than 500 apps.

It is important to ensure that your team members have access to the most recent versions of documents through the ability to control version and backup of documents. This feature safeguards important information against being accidentally deleted or overwritten. It also allows users to go back to earlier edits.

Help users to access and browse documents with a secure client portal. This means that you no longer need to send documents as attachments in emails, which makes it easier and more efficient. Certain document management software solutions provide added client portal features including eSignature integration and core workflow software integrations to improve collaboration between your business and your customers.


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