How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

The company’s board has to be convinced that a new employee is a good match for the organization before they are able to approve the hiring. The interview is a crucial part of the hiring process.

Board members are looking to hear from candidates about their skills and experiences that allow them to be appropriate for the job with a particular focus on the value they bring. Interviewers frequently ask questions to check the candidate’s understanding of the complicated and challenging issues that a board member may have to deal with.

They will also want an understanding of how the candidate will handle conflict and how he or can effectively communicate with other board members in a respectful manner. It’s also normal for boards to ask the candidate how they would handle specific topics such as shareholder engagement and conflicts of interest and the need to ensure that the company is operating in a responsible and ethical manner.

Most often, companies offer an assortment of pre-read materials for applicants to go through prior to the interview. It takes more than just a glance to gain a deeper understanding of the company, its current board of directors and C-suite executives, industry dynamics, and the most important risks. The best way to prepare is to listen to CEO conversations with investors and analysts as per Deb DeHaas, an experienced public company board member and chief executive officer of the Corporate see Leadership Center. She adds that it is crucial for candidates to be able and articulate the reasons why the company is, what it does or the challenges it faces, intrigues them and how their experiences could help them solve those problems.

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